Our mission its Deliver the Best quality sublimation printing .

Since 2017 , We upgrade many type of item such us fabric , ink , printer and Heat transfer machine to make sure our quality color of printing its 99% transfer to fabric . 

Sublimation.my is made for our customer , client and normal user to check , read and understanding how what sublimation printing can do , not just a jersey , sports wear its more than that, Otherwise for lady cloth also famous use sublimation printing such us scarf , blouse and baju kurung . Every technology have a revolution version . 

7 Step process of sublimation printing 

Step 1 - Design and confirmation detail - All detail and start for make job sheet its come from this step its need handle very careful 

Step 2 - Printing process its run by sublimation printing department our factory use High speed Printer with 4 head Epson and Epson original printer F9330 for superb quality printed tone and gradient color 

Step 3 - Heat press transfer its most important process on sublimation printing operator must be skillful and quality check must very careful one check item miss it will effect the whole fabric . our factory use industrial machine that can run 80 -120 pieces per hour or 100 meter / hour  

Step 4 - Sewing process its a another department that handle for quality sewing process use high quality material of rib for collar and stitching process its a last process to complete a garments product

Step 5 - Quality check process must follow our standart procedure for all product 

Step 6 - finishing process its related to final process include activity of double check quality , iron , and packing

Step 7 - its last process or final process to sent goods to customer place ,our factory will give information to customer about packaging and detail of order its follow our standart

Sublimation.my its on off our project to educate user about sublimation printing