What is Silk-Screen Printing?

Silkscreen Printing 

Screen printing is one of the most popular printing techniques used among a vast range of companies for printing designs onto various products. The screen printing process has been around for a long time and has evolved from simple stencelling to a complete merchandise printing method. Most often, the process is used for printing onto posters, fabrics and packaging. However, it has been adapted to a larger variety of items as the technique is much more advanced today.

It has been used for more than 100 years in the commercial and artistic sector and is mainly used for printing images and designs on T-shirtstote bags, paper, wood, ceramics and other materials.

There are different types of silk-screen printing, depending on the aim and the printing process used. Among them, we can find serigraphy for the graphic design sector, serigraphy for the art sector and textile printing, which is what interests us most.

Screen printing is optimal for creating an increase in brand awareness through the use of different promotional products.

See video how we make 5 color printing on t-shirt.

Screen Printing Products

Screen printing is about creating cool, custom designs and bringing them to life. But also, through this technique you can be sure that your brand name is being promoted on a larger scale. So, let’s spark that creativity! Take a look below at some of the products you’re able to personalize with screen printing:

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Screen Printing T-shirts

For promotional clothing items, t-shirts are by far the most popular clothing article for promotion and personalization. This printing technique is the most common method used when personalizing t-shirts, whether it be for professional or personal use.  If you’re a company, screen printing t-shirts is super affordable as you can order in bulk. You can cover the front and back, optimal for promoting your brand. You’re able to customize it however you want, your logo, slogan, color, image, anything you come up with!

The best part about screen printing t-shirts? It’s long lasting and always delivered with high quality, most often lasting the entire lifetime of the clothing article!

If you want to ensure your brand’s uniqueness, this process ensures it. Your complex designs cannot be exactly reproduced using any sort of traditional spot color applications with ink.


Screen Printing Water Bottle

Screen Printing Mug

Screen Printing Beg

Screen Printing Notebook

Screen Printing Umbrella

Screen Printing Apron

Price Screen Printing 

Price for screen printing its depends on design and how many color use for printing , how many spot printing , and quantity of product . All information sent to us by email : saudagar.legasi@gmail.com or can contact us thru whats app for fast response +60197303066 / +60133523066 / +60123783066 . 
Sent all detail and we can reply with price of total . direct price factory 100% sure 

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