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Coupon Discount Sublimation

Coupon Discount Sublimation 

Special package for agent , designer , printing business , event organizer , clothing brand , and  agency

How to redeem  this coupon

- After you make a purchase for this coupon we sent you one email include attachment of coupon Id and you can use anytime at any job order with any amount . 

- coupon valid 1 time redeem only

- coupon valid for product and service sublimation only

- coupon cannot use for any promotional item

- coupon not have expired date 

Example ; 

you order sublimation scarf total price RM 5000 , use this coupon 5% 

total you just pay after redeem is RM 4750

you save Rm 250 

its affordable right ? 

and get free Mock up design , Template design and Sublimation design catalog for FREE !! ( T&C Apply )

Get coupon now , its limited !!!

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